South Bay Art Collective

The South Bay Art Collective is a group of Burning Man enthusiasts in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area who are dedicated to a year-round experience of building art for the Burning Man event. We’re evolving into a group that also creates and supports civic art in our hometowns. See our prior years’ build projects, and what is going to be brought (and burned) on the playa this year!

OUR 2020 PROJECT – Emerging Grace

Emerging Grace is a wooden effigy of an “Ugly Duckling” that contains a metal sculpture of a swan, which is revealed following the burning of the outside wooden structure.

Swans have featured globally in myths of metamorphoses: Leda & the Swan, the white swan Odette of Swan Lake, the Children of Lir. In each story the swan represents the consequence of a kind of magical spell. But in the story of the Ugly Duckling, the transformation into a Swan is the fulfillment of one’s true nature and acceptance that what makes us different also makes us beautiful.